Seminar on Computer Simulation

Klipi teostus: Maria Gaiduk 27.05.2015 3585 vaatamist Arvutiteadus

Corentin Macqueron
Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of a wood-burning stove-heated sauna using NIST's Fire Dynamics Simulator 
The traditional sauna is studied from a thermal and fluid dynamics standpoint using the NIST's Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software. Calculations are performed in order to determine temperature and velocity fields, heat flux, soot and steam cloud transport, etc. Results are discussed in order to assess the reliability of this new kind of utilization of the FDS fire safety engineering software.

Vahur Zadin
Title: Application of topology and geometry optimization methods in engineering and materials science related problems
Abstract: I will speak about computer simulations conducted in Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab in the Institute of Technology. The focus of my talk is on optimization methods we have applied to study different problems arising in materials science and engineering. The specific cases are topology optimization using level set and SIMP methods in 3D-microbattery geometry design, in determination of the electrical breakdown mechanisms in CLIC accelerating structures in CERN and the geometry optimization of wood drying kilns. In this case, the calculations are conducted to obtain as homogeneous and easy to build kiln design while obtaining homogeneous drying of the material. In these studies, the air flow is calculated using the Navier–Stokes equations or κ–ε turbulence model followed by simulation of heat transport in the solid and gas phase and moisture dynamics in wood and air.