Future perspectives of the EU

06.12.2010 9539 vaatamist õppevideo Riigiteadus

In this lesson the discussion revolves around the possibility of the collapse or disintegration of the European Union, a subject that was even spoken about by Herman van Rompuy (President of the European Council) and that is coming up frequently in the media and in politicians' speeches. While not lingering on this subject, the class touches some important factors that will have a vital role in the future of Europe and the EU. Such as, how to use the 6 months window of opportunity in the office of President of the Council of the EU - that each member-state gets - to make a positive imprint on the development of the EU's values and action plans? How has it been used until today's Hungarian presidency? What are the priorities, challenges, expert groups and civil servants doing to magnify EU's action plans? Trough an overview of all the recent presidencies, the students and lecturer try to map out what can be done and what was done already concerning the present economic situation of some of EU's member-states and the attitude of the other countries towards them and a better European future. Lecturer: Viljar Veebel. Lecture is filmed in autumn 2010.