Youth workers' training in HEIs: approaching the study process (YouHEI)

Klipi teostus: Pavel Kodotšigov 20.09.2019 3216 vaatamist Haridusteadus Kultuur

Young people face challenges in life that are new to all generations. Opportunities and support that young people need are diverse and changing. Professionals, paid and volunteers, are working to create those opportunities and provide the support needed.  Youth work has an important role to play and expectations are increasing. Education and training of youth workers is an area that has developed differently across Europe, but the importance of investing in the development of youth work competencies is rising throughout. Estonia, Finland and United Kingdom are among the countries where youth work education has long traditions both in formal education and in training. Since 2016 three countries have been sharing experiences and discussing approaches, challenges and opportunities in modern youth work education. However, the issues of what is important for young people, how to be relevant for today’s life, but also for future challenges of youth and how to listen to and understand young people are essential for any professional working with and for youth.
On 20th of September 2019 a one-day international conference will be held in Tartu University Narva College (Narva, Estonia) focussed on these issues. The Conference programme will include speakers from Australia, UK, Finland and Estonia. The aim is to co-create an experience that inspires new ideas for development of training and education for youth workers, but also other specialists working with youth.

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