Jason Baird Jackson "Museum Ethnology and Material Culture Studies: An Introduction"

Klipi teostus: UTTV 27.09.2018 2870 vaatamist Etnoloogia Folkloristika

In the first sessions the core concerns of museum-based folkloristics, cultural anthropology, and ethnology (= museum ethnology, hereafter) will be introduced. Material culture studies within these fields is an intertwined but independent endeavor. Concerned especially with the areas in which museum ethnology and the study of objects and built environments intersect, material culture studies as an research area in ethnology will also be introduced.

HVKU.03.025 Materiaalne kultuur ja muuseum


Lisainfo veebis: https://www.flku.ut.ee/et/uudised/jason-baird-jacksoni-loengukursus-materiaalne-kultuur-muuseum-septembris-oktoobris-2018