Audrius Beinorius public lecture
"Freudian and Jungian approaches to religion"

Klipi teostus: UTTV 12.02.2018 7745 vaatamist Usuteadus

Present lecture will focus on the early development of the field of psychology of religion and one influential its approach, namely, the psychoanalytical perspective to religious studies will be introduced. Question be raised: What were the principal differences between Jungian and Freudian approaches to religious studies? Why S. Freud suggested that religion and neurosis are similar products of the human mind? How C. G. Jung described the collective unconscious and what role in his analysis of religious experiences is intended to the theory of archetypes and the process of individuation? How, according to him, myths, symbols and religious images are related to the contents of our dreams? Why he took so much interest in Gnosticism, alchemy and astrology? What was Jungian treatment of Christianity and his perception of Eastern religious traditions? Lecture will be concluded with appreciation and criticism of both Freudian and Jungian approaches.

These events have been financed by the University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA (European Regional Development Fund).


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