3nd EuroBioForum Annual Conference 2014
Day 1-1

Klipi teostus: UTTV 22.09.2014 7437 vaatamist Medicina Bioloogia

Personalised medicine is changing the fabric of biomedical research and the healthcare system. More and more European countries are developing and deploying new policies and funding schemes in support of personalised medicine and personalised care. The European Commission has also financed both European as well as global alliances in the domain of personalised medicine and other biomedical domains. Personalised Medicine is high on the European research and innovation agenda of Horizon 2020. Despite these efforts the adoption of personalised medicine in the research and healthcare system has proven to be elaborate and difficult. Translation of research results, the issue of big data, the uptake in clinical practice and reimbursement are often regarded as bottlenecks hindering a smooth transition towards personalised medicine and care. Thus, there is still a great need for joint agenda setting between health care professionals, scientists, policy makers, industry, payers and patients as health care consumers. The EuroBioForum Personalised Medicine Conference once again will bring together key-opinion leaders from European countries and regions to inform and discuss the latest developments in science, policymaking and funding in personalised medicine and care. Issues to be addressed are:  What new scientific breakthroughs can we expect?  Which policy measures are successful in driving personalised medicine?  What can we learn from mature ‘best practices' for implementation?  How to overcome the translation ‘death valley' towards clinical practice?  What are the major roadblocks blocking adoption of personalised medicine and care? And how to remove them?  How is genomic information being stored, utilized and safeguarded in the era of personalized medicine?  What types of efforts are being made in education & training for medical students and of the next generation of doctors? This year's edition features leading authorities across the spectrum of personalised medicine. The conference encourages participation, open discussion, opportunities between attendees and is intended for:  Policymakers  Researchers  Doctors and clinicians  Patient Groups  Payers  Regions  Regional development agencies  Funding agencies  Investors/Analysts  Regulators The conference is co-hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs in collaboration with the Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu.

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