Tartu Software Development Guild Meeting - Component Entity System architecture

Klipi teostus: Mirjam Paales 15.05.2014 4496 vaatamist Arvutiteadus

Component Entity System architecture - how and why you should use it... or not

Toomas Laasik, SHUU Games OÜ / Interactive Fate OÜ / Heelosophy OÜ

Large, complex, highly interactive and yet maintainable software can be built with Component-Entity-System architecture. Today, this is the most commonly used approach in computer games and game engines, with good reason. It helps to avoid deep unflexible class hierarchies, interface jungles, untestable behaviors, and offer many more goodies. Toomas will talk about his experiences with it as an indie game developer @SHUUgames. While he will primarily talk about it from a gamedev perspective, the concepts can be applied to more traditional software also.

Toomas is founder of SHUU Games OÜ, CTO at Interactive Fate OÜ and engineer at Heelosophy OÜ