Tartu Software Development Guild Meeting - Automated Web App Testing

Klipi teostus: Mirjam Paales 15.05.2014 6374 vaatamist Arvutiteadus

Alvar Lumber, TransferWise

Alvar has worked on automated tests on different projects over the past 8 years. In this talk, he tries to share his experiences from three projects from a major telco and a bank in Estonia. We will look at what has worked and what has not, and go over a few lessons learned. Alvar has been doing software development on a smaller and larger scale for 14 years now. He cut his teeth in Swedbank, first developing the most modern online bank in the region, and later an in-house CRM and loan processing software. There were marvellous leaders and people to learn from in that team. He was lucky enough to continue working together with them at Codeborne. Alvar was involved in two telco projects, working on their new self service portal / public website for 2,5 years and helping out with a frontend-heavy smart home management interface. Since 2013 Alvar is one of the engineering leads at TransferWise, scaling the product and team up to support their exponential growth in customers.