Seminar "Rootsi kogemused vene vähemuse keeleõppes"

Video by: Pavel Kodotšigov 27.01.2017 2308 views Linguistics Sociology and Social Politics

Aune Valk, PhD (Head of Analysis Department, Ministry of Education and Research), The Concept of Multicultural School on Estonia

Anna Kyriazi (PhD student, European University Institute), The Politicization of Minority Education in Europe

Natalia Elisabeth Ringblom, PhD (Stockholm University) Multilingual Education in Sweden: Present Situation and Some Suggestions for Improvement from the Russian Language Perspective

Prof Minna Suni, PhD (University of Jyväskyla) Language Minorities in the Finnish Education System: Values, Practices and Learning Outcomes

Heidi Harju-Luukanen, PhD, (PhD, University of Helsinki, visiting Scholar at UCLA, USA) The Best is to Learn New Things and Get New Friends – Language Immersion Education Possibilities in Finland (via Internet)