Seminar on Enterprise Software 2

Video by: Merlin Saulep 09.12.2016 6372 views Computer Science

    #18: Sander Stroom, Algebraic manipulation Assistant for Propositional Logic and Predicate Calculus, (sup.: Rein Prank)
    #19: Kenigbolo Meya Stephen, Case Study on Test Driven Development, (sup.: Dietmar Pfahl, Nikita Avvakumov)
    #20: Umesh Anilchandra Bhat, Pattern-based Security Requirements Derivation from Use Case Models, (sup.: Raimundas Matulevičius)
    #21: Isaac Agaba, A Mist Computing Framework for Efficient Data Acquisition in the Internet of Things, (sup:. Chii Chang)
    #22: Evert Nõlv, Linking Estonian Law, (sup.: Marlon Dumas)
    #23: Jevgeni Savostkin, Improving accuracy of BCI with multiple simultaneous users, (sup.: Ilya Kuzovkin, Raul Vicente)