Veiko Vunder (TÜ Tehnoloogia instituut), "Ionic electroactive polymer materials as soft actuators and sensors"

Video by: Rainis Haller 25.03.2015 2148 views Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

TÜ tehnoloogiainstituudi doktorandi Veiko Vunderi üldhariv ettekanne TÜ matemaatika-informaatikateaduskonnas 25. märtsil 2015. a.

Abstract: Since early 1990s, the ionic electroactive polymer (IEAP) composites have been extensively researched. IEAP materials are capacitive laminates that bend in response to electrical input. These laminates can achieve large strains while operating in lightweight, noiseless, and low voltage (<5 V) mode. Moreover, the same device can operate as a sensor and even as an energy harvester. Hence, many prototypes in soft robotics and biomedical applications are available. In this presentation an overview of IEAP actuators manufactured in Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab is given. The talk explains the working mechanisms as well as provides the corresponding mathematical models of underlying physical processes.